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Sarah C
Niagara Falls, Ontario
About My Transformation
The reason I am entering this challenge is to show that exercise and training are not just about the physical transformation, but an emotional and mental transformation as well. I struggle with social anxiety. The anxiety has been so severe at times that in the past it has kept me from completing the most basic of daily functions like going to the grocery store, pumping gas or going to work. I finally decided I had spent enough time being afraid. Other more conventional therapy methods had failed me, so I decided to seek out a personal trainer. Enter Jodie.

I started training with Jodie three times a week. I didn't have a specific physical goal in mind other than I wanted to reduce overall anxiety and more specifically, I wanted to feel more comfortable at the gym. I compared the anxiety I felt in the weight area to that of a shark tank. It was many months and lots of hand-holding before I was able to venture out on my own. Fast forward two years later and I am working out on my own, in the middle of the gym, surrounded by other members. I no longer miss days at work or fear the grocery store or pumping my own gas.

Training has been such an inspiration in my life that I am currently applying to become a personal trainer myself. I hope that in the future I can inspire others to overcome their fears and face them head-on.
It might sound a little dramatic to say this, but I don't think I could have overcome the hurdles that I did with anyone else other than Jodie. She was patient, understanding and empathetic to my every emotional need. There were days when I could barely enter the gym and she reassured me that everything would be okay and that I would feel better if I could just dedicate one hour to her. She wasn't lying - I always felt better after each session. She is not only my personal trainer but a friend and most importantly, my mentor. I can only hope that one day I will be able to inspire my clients in the same way that Jodie inspired me.