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Dannie S
Toronto, Ontario
About My Transformation
I joined GoodLife Coxwell 6 years ago when I was recovering from knee replacement surgery. I am the proud owner of two titanium knees and one hip. I needed to work on strengthening both my legs, increase the range of motion in both my knees, improve my balance and increase my overall wellbeing & strength.

The results have been noticeable. My posture has improved, my neck is now straight (I hadn’t realized that it was crooked) and my shoulders aligned. The bend in my knees has far surpassed the 90-degree bend that my orthopedic surgeon had told me that I could expect. I currently have about 120 degrees in my left knee and more in my right. Best of all, this has been achieved with no wear on the replacement joints. I have deadlifted my body weight twice (not bad for a 77-year-old grandmother) and my walking speed & style has improved. I feel great.

I am not a natural exerciser and I must admit that I have to push myself to get to the gym each day, but I also must admit that I feel better for going. When I can’t make it for some reason, I feel like something is missing. My thanks to two incredible ladies who have provided motivation & encouragement. Without them, I probably would be a little old lady sitting in a rocking chair with my knitting. I couldn’t have done it without them.
I have had five different trainers here at the Coxwell gym, all of whom have had their own particular style and have made their own contribution to my exercise regime. For the past two years, I have been training with Juanita Koo & doing Yoga with Pam Condottta. Pam recommended Yoga as a good way to improve my balance. I had a car accident many years ago and have some bone loss in one knee and nerve damage in both, which makes kneeling extremely difficult. Pam worked with me to modify the movements that I can’t do and while my style is rather unique and not at all the graceful flowing style that Pam has, I soldier on. My balance, while not perfect by any means, has improved greatly.

When I started working with Juanita, she assessed my strengths and weakness and set goals for me. We strength train two times a week (15 minutes of cardio & one hour of weights) and I do Yoga once a week. We also do Fascial Stretch Therapy when needed. Workouts with Juanita proved challenging, but doable. She introduced me to weights which I had not done before. I am deadlifting and bench pressing regularly. She also helped me to find a way to get up off the floor, which was always very difficult for me.