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Natalie G
Niagara Falls, Ontario
About My Transformation
I suffer from an incurable disease called Endometriosis. One wouldn't even notice what scars are beneath. Having this disease took over my life for a good four years. It affected my work, my health and my relationships. It resulted in four surgical procedures that set me back even further. Have you ever had someone hold your head under water? Endometriosis was doing that to me. I just couldn't catch my breath. No one talked about it in my circle of people, so no one understood. The fact is that 1 in 10 women have it. My laparoscopy showed that I had Stage 3 Endometriosis, and it only goes as far as Stage 4. Yet I am one of the lucky ones because I don't suffer from crippling pain, but other symptoms like fatigue, mild cramping and the BIG ONE...infertility. But the power of the mind is a wonderful thing. I woke up one day at the lowest point in my life and decided it was time TO SHOW this disease who has ultimate control of this body. A healthy lifestyle and fitness have given me another chance at happiness. It may not be the 2.5 kids with the white picket fence, but there's value in putting up a fight to put your best foot forward, every damn DAY! I hope all you ladies going through something similar believe in hope and that although life throws you curveballs and everything feels out of control, YOU yourself have the power to make a change happen. Don't let the disease define you.

My whole transformation is because Omar Benn, my personal trainer, has been my pillar of encouragement and support since the day I met him. We have been training together for over a year and every session that I come in to train with him, he is there to push me beyond my foreseeable capabilities. Through his guidance, I found the courage to compete at a national level fitness competition. We are only scratching the surface as Omar keeps pushing me to reach high goals and now, I believe anything is possible and that I can achieve bigger goals. I wouldn't be here physically or mentally without my trainer. He IS the best.