Congratulations to Troy Z. for winning!
Troy Z.
Brampton, Ontario
About My Transformation
Weight loss has always been a struggle for me. In 2019 I hit my breaking point, I weighed just under 295 pounds, and was plagued with health issues. A few years prior my father had heart surgery to replace a valve, and I was told at the current health trajectory, that I too would need the same surgery if I didn’t change. As I was leaving Goodlife one night, I decided to talk to the fitness manager, who sat me down and told me he wanted to help change my life. From that moment, we took our first steps into a journey of extraordinary change, that completely altered my outlook on fitness, and turned my life around. Since then, we’ve achieved over a 100+ pound weight loss, that has helped reduce many health issues, but also helped me achieve confidence in myself that I thought I would never have. I went from being almost close to a size 40 waist to now a 32, and from an XXL shirt size to a Medium, which has been astonishing to see such a huge transformation. If it wasn’t for personal training, my life would be completely different, in a very negative way.