Congratulations to Christopher G. for winning!
Christopher G.
Selkirk, Ontario
About My Transformation
313 lbs and 43% BF. Those are the numbers I remember. Those are the numbers that started it all. Those are the numbers that made me decide it was time for change. That I needed to leave the life of pizza almost everyday, drinking exclusively Dr Pepper, and dread waking up behind.
The man I was with those numbers is not the same man I am today. I am healthier, both physically and mentally, no longer bound by self shame. I am comfortable taking pictures with my shirt off (or in general for that matter), always up for going outside and doing physical activities. I say “Nah that’s too far, lets just drive” far less often and say “yea let’s go!” far more often. Confidence in myself is at a all time high.
One goal I had going in was to complete a 10km mud run. With Erwin training me, we accomplished that goal! He even ran it with me. This year I am signed up for a 5km, 10km, 20km Trifecta! So, I don’t plan on stopping! 240 lbs and 26% BF are the numbers I ended the first year of my transformation!