Congratulations to Tina R. for winning!
Tina R.
Moncton, New Brunswick
About My Transformation
I believed that at 47, it would be impossible to achieve results I wanted and had prevented me to try. At 202lbs, I felt ashamed and disappointed in myself. Fed up and with a newfound determination, that is when I decided to sign up with my trainer, Luis.

My trainer’s counselling and informative explanations on exercise, nutrition, and how to make them work together, helped in reaching and going beyond my objectives. There were many frustrating moments and plateaus along with the successes. There were days I felt vulnerable and feared to step out of my comfort zone, especially on days training without my trainer. But Luis was the one true constant, always there to support and encourage, to give me that pep talk and guidance to overcome the obstacles or mental blocks in my way. I’m now doing exercises that I wouldn’t have imagined doing, that it was only for “big guys”. Never, would I have seen myself do bench presses or deadlifts. Now, I confidently train alongside “the big guys”. Mine are lighter weights, but I’m right there nevertheless.

Because of Luis, I’m in better health and shape then when I was in my twenties or thirties. I’ve discovered new confidence and drive as I lost inches of fat. I am now 135lbs, and the condition of my body is beyond what I could have imagined. My viewpoint on what this 40-something body can do has changed dramatically. I feel incredible, empowered and can’t wait to see where my trainer takes me next.