Congratulations to Uthman K. for winning!
Uthman K.
Edmonton, Alberta
About My Transformation
My primary reason to lose weight was to reverse my diabetes, lower my LDL cholesterol and fix my health. I was 470lbs and my doctors told me that I didn’t have long to live. I was constantly being body shamed and became suicidal and eventually homeless. I decided I needed to stop worrying about others and take charge of my life. I overhauled my diet and completely removed sugar, which sent me straight to the hospital due to withdrawal. I lost 200lbs, reversed my diabetes and lowered my LDL. In April 2017 I had decided to get laser eye surgery, but the side effects were making me reluctant to go through with it. I passed by GoodLife and went inside, spoke to a trainer and decided it was either surgery or training. The next morning I woke up with a clear head and signed up for personal training. My trainer, Cassie, made me understand my body and its function. She motivated me to further my education, starting a journey that has set me down a path I don’t intend to leave. Who am I now? Someone who reversed Type 2 diabetes, lowered my LDL and has a PH of 7. I am now educated in personal training through the American Council of Exercise and CanFit Pro. This was all possible because of the motivation that GoodLife provided, and what my trainers did for me. Thank you for everything you have done, I am forever grateful.