Congratulations to Veronique G. for winning!
Veronique G.
Dieppe, New Brunswick
About My Transformation
Girls Gone Strong
We all started Team Training with different backgrounds and experiences. There were girls who had been working out for years and there were others like me, who had never even stepped foot in a gym before. Despite these differences we all shared one common goal, and that was to get stronger. With the training we received from our Coach and the support from our new ‘Powerlifting Family’, we all began to watch our goals being met and then exceeded. We were gaining just as much strength mentally as we were physically, and our confidence was increasing right along with the weight we were adding to the bar. It wasn’t long until Coach encouraged us to take it to the next level and compete in Powerlifting competitions against the best in our communities. I won’t lie, I was really nervous and didn’t think that after 12 weeks of exercise I was ready. Because Coach truly believed in us, we believed in ourselves. At the end of our very first meet, we each had won our respective weight classes. We can all agree that Team Training changed our lives completely. There is something transformative about being able to do something that seemed impossible only few weeks before. Once you realize that achieving those milestones is possible, everything else in life seems possible too.