Congratulations to Aleesha S. for winning!
Aleesha S.
Verona, Ontario
About My Transformation
My workouts with Jasmine were challenging, intense, and so unbelievably fulfilling. The stronger I got, the more my mental health improved. My relationship with my baby girl improved, as I was able to keep up with her when we played together. I can’t even begin to explain the confidence that Jasmine was able to pull out of me, I surprised even myself.

Months into my journey my local fire station was looking for volunteers. The opportunity made me think of my lifestyle, my career, how far I’ve come, and where I could go. I brought it up to Jasmine, and I told her that there was a very intense fitness test required to join. Jasmine told me that she’d do whatever it took to get me ready. Jasmine even set up a make-shift dummy brag, and sandbag carry for me to practice. We worked out very hard for weeks, and every day leading up to my test she would check in on my diet and overall state of mind.

If it wasn’t for Jasmine's dedication to guide me to achieve my goals, I don’t think I ever would have switched careers or taken on such a huge opportunity. I happened to have been with Jasmine when I got my fitness test results back, and I was ecstatic to be offered the job of Volunteer Firefighter In-Training. I’ve never seen Jasmine look so proud of me, and I’ve never felt so proud of myself.

Because of my Trainer, my fitness journey shifted my focus, and I became inspired by the idea of forever living a healthy and active lifestyle. (180lbs to 127lbs)